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Milchaser Pastrana COURSE: Master Degree

Hi. I'm Milchaser Pastrana. I arrived yesterday on August 30th 2015. My course is Mater of Technology (Enterprises Systems). Melbourne is great and FIRSTec/First Education Consultants has helped me a lot. FIRSTec gave me guides where I can visit and how I can go to school. Thank you FIRSTec!

Gladys Casillano COURSE: Bachelor Degree

Hi. I am Gladz. I just arrived today. I call myself a lucky girl because I came to FIRSTec/First Education Consultants with their help of student also from FIRSTec with Ms. Luisa. I enrolled in Bachelor of Business. FIRSTec is so accommodating. They never failed my expectations, they guide me all the way. Thank you FIRSTec!

Jemalyn Morales COURSE: Bachelor Degree

Hi. I am Jemalyn. I am studying Bachelor of Business in Community Services Management. I came here August 16th 2015. I am very thankful because First Education Consultants/FIRSTec helped me to process my papers, to arrange airport pick up and accommodation, to draw my enrollment, and FIRSTec even helped me to find a job. First Education Consultants ... View More...

Ruvie Bacanay COURSE: Master Degree

Hi everyone. I am Ruvie from the Philippines. I am grateful to have this testimonial for FIRSTec/First Education Consultants because without FIRSTec, I would not have been here in Australia. I am taking up Master in Business Administration, and I will be finishing my course by March 2016. Through First Education Consultants I was able to get my vis ... View More...

Vhenne Ganancial COURSE: Master Degree

My name is Vhenne. I am currently taking Master of Business Administration. I found out very easy and convenient for browsing my papers. Thank you FIRSTec/First Education Consultants! Come here in Australia. It’s really-really nice! Thank you.