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Audree Rose Rodriguez COURSE: Master Degree

Hi, my name is Audree Rose Rodriguez. I am from Philippines. I have arrived Melbourne. I came here to study MBA in Australia. My first experience are so nice and beautiful here. FIRSTec is very helpful for my application. Thanks for all the FIRSTec Staff.

Allan Jay Cayanga COURSE: Bachelor Degree

Thank you FIRSTec/First Education Consultants for helping me on my application to come here in Australia. FIRSTec have a great service, keep up the great work and God bless!!

Alecxia Madrid COURSE: Bachelor Degree

Hi, I’m Alecxia Madrid from Philippines. I just arrived Melbourne yesterday. For the moment, I was very busy and cool. Melbourne is very beautiful and amazing place. I will be taking Bachelor of Business Management. I just want to say thank you to FIRSTec/First Education Consultants' staff in Philippines and Melbourne to help me get in here. So I ... View More...

Alejandro Saulog COURSE: Master Degree

Hi, My name is Alejandro Saulog. I came here to study MBA. I arrived in Melbourne Yesterday. First experience in Australia is cold weather, and taking the metropolitan train to the city. I was pretty exciting and was eager to see what Australia would offer me, and it is very beautiful and everything is perfect here. FIRSTec was able to help me to g ... View More...

Milchaser Pastrana COURSE: Master Degree

Hi. I'm Milchaser Pastrana. I arrived yesterday on August 30th 2015. My course is Mater of Technology (Enterprises Systems). Melbourne is great and FIRSTec/First Education Consultants has helped me a lot. FIRSTec gave me guides where I can visit and how I can go to school. Thank you FIRSTec!